The Reading Wars Revisited

        I woke up this morning in the wee hours with the strange thought going through my head that it was time to gird up my loins, put on some armor, get ready for battle, and head back out to front lines of war. The Reading Wars, that is. I have been... Continue Reading →

Unhelpful Stories

It starts so early—the stories we make up about ourselves and our capacity to learn.  My nephew, the golden-haired king of playfulness and daring flips off the trampoline, came home from first grade and told his mother he was stupid.  She is concerned about his abilities to learn too—as are his teachers.  He is not... Continue Reading →

Shame and Learning

I am up for creating a world full of vibrant learning for all—and one of the biggest obstacles in my path is shame.  There is not much that shuts down learning faster.  There’s not much that shuts me down faster—that keeps me from taking risks, taking on new projects, or saying what I really believe. ... Continue Reading →

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